06 July 2011

Jane Fishes Big Sky Country

 We're back from our roadtrip to beautiful Big Sky Country -- Montana. Isn't it staggering the vast quantity of beauty our country holds?

Amongst the gracious family visits, wedding celebrations, sightseeing, and good eats ... there was the fishing.

 Jane used Pops' fishing rod from when he was a child. A perfect fit.

 Grandpa was a good instructor and Jane was a patient student.

The result? May I present: The Victorious Fisher-Woman Jane. As the toothy grin, confident stance, and hand on the hip imply ... she was most proud.

More travel tid-bits to come ...


  1. You're busy unpacking while I'm flying around tossing things into suitcases! I'm looking forward to hearing about more of your travel adventures when I return home from my own!

    Way to go Fisher Woman Jane!

  2. Those are quite possibly the cutest fishing pictures EVER!! Glad you had a great trip. We do live in a beautiful country, don't we? I'm working on my vacation pics right now!

  3. That forth photo down is amazing! It would make a wonderful watercolor painting.

    Looks like it was a fun trip :)