21 June 2011

Fighting for Justice and General Good Times

All right you ruffians. We've been boning up on our outlaw-bustin' skills with episodes of the Lone Ranger and we're ready. We seek danger and adventure like a chicken pecks seed.

Off to rustle up some good times on a little road trip. Keep the home fires burnin' ... we'll be back after two shakes and wink.

Hi-Ho Silver.


  1. cute photo!! Can't wait to hear about the trip/see photos! ;)

  2. Your kiddo's make me smile! They have so much fun together, and your photo's capture their personalities well.

  3. Just catching up on your blog after our road trip! HAVE FUN! And, I am such a fan of kale chips!! They are so yummy and your photo makes them soooo appealing!! I'm going to try kale in my garden this fall because of-season it's super expensive.

  4. Looks like lots and lots of fun!