16 June 2011

Board Game Afternoon & Roofing Intrigue

One more day to go 'til summer officially starts for my school children. They've almost done it. In the meantime, a no-homework night calls for an pre-dinner game of Stratego. A fine way to pass the time if you are looking to fill an hour ...

... or if you are just trying to distract yourselves from the roofers that have been pounding above your heads for three days and mistakenly began to install the wrong materials while you were out for the morning. It's always a surprise to come home and find an orangey-beige roof instead of the charcoal-brown you anticipated. "No, Edgar, I'm sorry. I really don't think I'll be fine with the orange. I'll be 65 years-old when this roof needs to be replaced again. I am going to have to hold out for what we ordered." Poor Edgar and his crew. The end of the week will eventually come. It always does ... and that's a good thing, isn't it.


  1. Yes, the end of the week is a very good thing!

    You are right. Edgar is wrong. Charcoal-brown is worth enduring a few extra days of pounding.

    The boys and the professor have been really into Stratego lately, after quite a serendipitous thrift store find!

  2. Oh dear. I am laughing and fear I should not be. This reminds me of some dear friends of ours who came home from work one day to find half their roof torn off and discarded about the front yard. They had NO idea what had happened! Eventually they learned that a roofing company had mistakenly begun "repairing" the wrong roof.

    Hold out for those charcoal-brown shingles! They will be beautiful!

  3. I love Stratego! Maybe it's time for me to seek it out again - my neighbor had it when I was young.