07 June 2011

Just a Little Bit of Order

Years ago I picked up a great tip from a friend. She kept one bin in the laundry room for the sport of the moment. Soccer? Once those shin-guards and uniforms come out of the dryer, toss them in the bin. Brilliant, no? That way, there is no fumbling about for the needed items when there is 10 minutes to suit up, load up, and hit the road.

We are in swimming mode right now. As soon as we come home, I march straight to the laundry room. Into the washer go the soggy suits and towels. The caps, goggles, lotion, shampoo, detangler all go right into the bin. Straight from the dryer, the towels get folded and into the bin and once the suits are done air-drying, they get plopped in too.

Time for swimming? No problem. Everyone hits the bin and finds just what they need. Ahhh. I'll never have a fully organized house, but I do love the little isolated bits of order. It's finding success in the small things, right?

(PS - Know what's in the bottom bin? Mate-less socks. Every couple weeks I'll paw through and match 'em up.)


  1. Very smart. Will have to remember this once Calvin gets old enough for sports.

  2. Brilliant! No kiddos in our house but that is still a very usable tip, thanks for sharing it. (o:

  3. Just found your blog through the Top 25 and I love it! Great topics and beautiful photos. I was an instant follower!

  4. Perfect! This idea just makes way too much sense. Really, it does.

  5. hey, that's brilliant!! we're going into swimming lesson mode soon and I do recall lots of scurrying around to different parts of the house for things last year. I'm going to do this.