11 June 2011

The Naughty Homemaker

Every now and then, I like to rebel against myself just a bit. It's my version of shocking behavior.

So you see, I don't normally like my tea or coffee in any form but black. But lately? I've been zesting up my beverages with a little drizzle of Lemon Cinnamon Syrup. Just a little kick to shake things up a bit.

Feeling a little punchy, yourselves? Wanna' be the Thelma to my Louise? Boil up 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar and toss in some lemon peel and cinnamon sticks. Once at a boil, simmer for a few minutes and cool. Keep in fridge and use sparingly ... it's very concentrated. 

Wouldn't it be good with blended ice, strong coffee, and milk? What the heck. What if we were really naughty, ditched the milk, and used ... heavy cream??? Bwwwaaahaaaahaaaa ... Come on girls, tell me what crazy concoction you'd mix up with it. I'm just sure you like a little spice in your days too ...


  1. You're hilarious. That sounds really good. Too bad I'm off sugar for the summer!

  2. I have to have my tea (black) with raw sugar and milk. I absolutely cannot enjoy it any other way. I blame this on the fact that the friend who taught me to drink tea spent 4 years of his life in England.

    In Russia, they will drop a teaspoon of jam into their tea when it is boiling hot. Not only does it add some sweetness, but some fruit as well!

  3. What a great idea. I have the syrup simmering on the stove as I type. A friend alerted me to your blog about a year ago raving about your blackberry pie recipe - which my family loves.

  4. I am off the sugar too. This makes me smile and it sounds soooo yummy. I love a spot of cream in my coffee and a little of the sweet too! And I want that coffee every, every day!

  5. For me it's lavender syrup, something about those two words together makes life seem even richer. The recipe is simple likes yours. Water and sugar boiled with lavender flowers and stored in the refrigerator to be added to your iced tea. But a little bit will do you! To drink it is to drink summer.