14 October 2011

In My Slippered Dreams

I've never been good at picking slippers out. Or maybe I'm just plain picky. I want a rubber sole so I can go outside and get the mail and I don't want fuzzy fluff because it gets matted down and dirty. I want slip-on slip-off and I don't want Pops to call them my 'clod-hoppers'. They must be stain-resistant because I will undoubtedly spill some dinner on them. And in my slippered-dreams, they would be something cute enough that I can wear with regular clothes during the day and not feel like a frumpy-schlump when I open the door for the FedEx guy or hop in the van for the carpool rounds. I told you. I'm a high-maintenance slipper girl.

But then I found these. The good ol' fashioned Minnetonka moccasins. They meet all my criteria and they are crazy comfy to boot.

Dreams can come true.

**PS-They run a half-size large!


  1. hahah - I recognize this pickiness! Mine too!

    I have felt ones with a sole right now - but I still think they're not quite my style. I usually kick them off and answer the door in my socks (!). I have an idea for doing some funky embroidery on them . . . or maybe I'll just get moccasins. Yours are fantastic.

  2. I lived in Minnetonka's in high school. Love, love, love. So comfy, perfect for casual kicking around.

  3. I know now what to put on my Christmas list. I've been looking for the right pair for a long time and have made all kinds of compromises. That will stop with these beauties. They are that perfect blend of homey and effortless cool. Love 'em.

  4. love these. i just finally found the perfect house shoes: sperrys