25 October 2011

Apple Cider and New Joys

 Isn't it fun to have fun friends? You know, the ones who have great ideas and invite you to share in their brilliance?

David and Apricot were pals with Pops and myself when we were all in high school youth group together. Somehow we managed to pair off and get married and still be in touch. Life has led us to different careers, different journeys and even different continents, but old relationships have a sticking power.

Besides. When those relationships are with people who like some no-nonsense fun, you make sure to stay on their invite-list.

 This weekend we went to an apple-cider making shin-dig in their backyard. We all came with apples, mason jars, and portable children ... just to keep it interesting.

 With all the heaving and cranking necessary, the men got to wield the massive strength they are naturally encumbered with and impressed us all. Particularly once the juicin' hit the cups.

  I love meeting new people and going new places. It's a visceral need of mine. But old, dear friends can never really be replaced. So much shared history. People who remember the self-absorbed 16 year-old you... the one with the massive bangs and talent for pretending that you understood all those Monty-Python movies ... and they still like you.

For as the years go by, we get to match up all that we knew we always loved with all that is newly there to love.

And just from making some cider ... there is more joy.


  1. How. much. fun! Reminds me of the book, Apple Cider Making Days.

    Yes, there is SO much to be said for those friends who loved you then and still love you now.

    And the name Apricot... how lovely.

  2. you really know someone named Apricot?? That inspires my imagination!

    and yes, I love your take on keeping the serious-fun friends :)

  3. I am glad I've found're day looks like a lot of fun! I have just read your beetroot post..I'm going to try that 'cos I saw some cheap beetroot on the weekend and wished I knew how to roast them!

  4. This, like so many of your posts, exudes pure joy, accompanied by such excellent photos. Thanks for brightening this cloudy day. :)

  5. What a fun time! And real, fresh apple cider - oh my! I've only ever had it from a powder mix. Sad, no?

    Friendships like that, what a treasure!

  6. Mmm, the apple cider looks delicious! What a fun day. It's great to see pics of David and Apricot - ah those good ol' high school youth group days :)