10 October 2011

A Trampoline Series


Pops has wanted a trampoline for years. I resisted. I said the kids weren't big enough.

But then they got bigger. And we got a trampoline.

And we have had more fun than I ever imagined.


  1. Anna, I adore reading your blog! Your photos show such a beautiful combination of freedom and domestic loveliness. Your words are fresh and simple and filled with great love and grace. You are inspiring. Sending love! - Ashley

  2. Great pics! I have actually been meaning to email you about your trampoline. I was over at Jen's and was looking for one like hers and she thought that maybe Springfree is what you got? Reviews? Thoughts?? Would love to hear.....

  3. With bunnies, a zip line, and a trampoline I'm thinking you guys have the funnest backyard in the neighborhood!

  4. Where are the pic of YOU flying through the air? (wink) That's what I want to see :).

  5. I'm requesting a pic of you on the trampoline...a la "Anna on a zipline"...

  6. Beautiful photos!

    Happy jumping on your Springfree Trampoline. :)