27 October 2011

On the Foyer Table, Reminders and Otherwise

Life has been a busy swirling for me, lately. The blogging has taken a backseat, for sure. So while the absences have been many, by demand, I find myself missing the documented beauty about me that blogging brings. A reminder in bountiful sources of lovely in what can be an otherwise scattered day. Busy is good. Being still is good. But gratitude amidst it all? That is where my true accomplishment can be measured ...

... not in clean bathrooms, not in tidy cupboards, not in blogging posts and not even in well-groomed children (I said it. My kids get ratty hair, dirty fingernails, and if I could remember what a fortnight is, I'm sure I haven't changed their bedsheets in at least that long).

Accomplishment is in being where God calls us and doing what he asks of us. Right now. For this moment. Until He moves us forward.

It's busy. It's hard. Submission and obedience aren't glamorous words. But He is so faithful. And I am grateful.

"Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay ..." 
Ruth 1:16


  1. YES!! Truth well-spoken, my friend!! Enjoy the beauty in the busyness. I say that as I sit in my kitchen surrounded by children, schoolwork and the makings of chicken noodle soup!

  2. Amen is right. I love this post. Thank you.

  3. Gratitude in the midst of it all... yes, that IS where true accomplishment is measured because when one is grateful one is aware of His grace in everything!

    Blogging is fun, but living, well... that is irreplaceable!