28 October 2011

Assembled on the Coffee Table

One of the perks of having big(ger) kids? Stacks of fun upon the coffee table.

I am still a little boo-hoo over the fact I have no pudgy-limbed doll-babies anymore, but there is always something new to appreciate about each stage. Books and candles be some of mine!


  1. I am very boo-hoo, too, over the lack of teeny-tiny people at my place. But you're right, this is the first time since John was mobile that I don't have bite marks in my candles (granted, I do have to remind the boys that the tapers are not swords).

  2. Yesterday Sister brought me the plunger... today it was the toilet scrubber. You remind me to enjoy (and laugh) at those little bitty, busy hands and feet. But, someday it will be nice when I won't find my current read in the middle of the floor with the bookmark missing.