08 November 2011

Choosing Intentional Grace

Have you ever noticed how good endeavors can sometimes lead to nit-picky difficulties? Little subversive issues to stand in the way of refreshment, growth and unity. Like arguments on the way to church? Yes, we've all had those. Same with date-nights and getaways ... often we can get derailed or undermined, our focus taken off of that which is truly important to us. Distractions or irritations to pull us off course. Suddenly we're arguing about granola bars. wet toothbrushes, and hurt feelings when we should be joyful in anticipation.

Over the years, we've noticed this pattern. But He is bigger and He is able! Once you know to look for it, it's pretty easy to spot those arrows of division. We've have been learning to call those moments out for what they are and to keep our focus on Him so He can clear the road ahead and make for smooth travels. We have to choose to give intentional grace for each other so those normal. hectic details we encounter lose their ability to fetter.

Off for some time with my honey, just the two of us. Praying God would use this time to build, build, build us up ... and to have us a little fun along the way.

Back after a bit!


  1. The older I get the more I understand just how much of life should be approached with intentionality... but intentional grace, that is the starting point in this broken world full of broken people.

    Have a lovely time away, my friend.

  2. wow, I really needed this. We seriously have the worst arguements on the way to church too, ugggh! praying for your time with hubby! how nice!

  3. I hope you guys have a wonderful time away! Be refreshed!

  4. Thank you for this lovely post! nitpicking over small little things... we've got to let Him take control of us... and the words we choose to say...