19 November 2011

Pops and Peter, Solving the World Energy Crisis

 The Science Fair Endeavor of 2011 is almost complete. I was the squawking schedule keeper, but otherwise, Pops and Peter were the masterminds in full.

And it's a good thing. If I'd been in charge we would have selected an experiment that had something to do with a dry bean or a shoelace. Never, never would I have ambitioned to test the efficacy of wind turbine placement and calculate the apportioned voltage. Say, huh??

I'm much better at sounding scheduling alarms. 

And the boys ... well they are much better at whatever it is they manage to consistently do. I just allow them to impress me and then I go back to my beans and shoelaces.

It's a happy system for all.


  1. Are those Lego turbines? My boys will be duly impressed.

    I'll join you with beans and shoelaces.

  2. Yes, those would be lego and zip-tie turbines, indeed!

  3. Oh Anna, I love your funny, honest, awed humility. Such joy to read. And what a project!

  4. Ours involved, um... bread. I am SO impressed.