18 May 2015

Family Photos at La Cressonnière

With my Mama here, I had the impetus to harang my family into some photos. I knew she'd back me up. It's been an age since we've had photos done. As in 7 years, maybe? Yes, some lovely shots have emerged over the years, but not really "portrait-y" kinds of photos.

Why you ask? Because no kid likes being bossed around by the mom and told to look normal. Husbands neither, for that matter.

But with my mother here, I knew I could cajole and beg and she would seal the deal. Kids love grandmothers.

La Cressonnière is just stunning during springtime. Can you even believe the wisteria? Breathtaking.

 And because my mother is so multi-talented, we have some family photos with me actually in the shot. Yea! I belong in the family too!

And this shot makes me smile. I didn't know she was still taking photos.

So. Any favorites? What would make good photo gifts or be well suited to a frame? Are you good about having family photos taken? Any tips for me?


  1. Love them. Love ALL of them. They all are so creative and gorgeous but my favorites have to be the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ones. You all are so beautiful/handsome and we MISS YOU!!! So very glad that you get to have your mom there. Tell her hello for us! :)

  2. Fantastic!! I love them!! I'm so glad you have new family photos that captured your life right now. The photo with you looking up at your husband is so cute!!

  3. Oh my, that last one. Love it. I think the best pictures are always the ones taken when the subjects think the photographer is done. :) But, definitely frame the vertical family one-it's grand.

  4. Beautiful photos! The wisteria is really amazing...

  5. awww, my favourite is the last one! GORGEOUS!

    I'm good at getting photos done annually but I don't fret about it now that I can take decent photos. But it is nice to actually be IN the photos :)