20 May 2015

Jardins de Giverny et Jane

This last weekend we took a daytrip to Giverny, the home of Monet's gardens and where he painted many of his infamous works, including his waterlily paintings.

What was particularly enjoyable was to be there with my mother and Jane. Not only my mama a marvelous gardener in her own right, but it turns out Miss Jane is following in her footsteps.  Every chance she gets, Jane is puttering outside and working her garden plot and vegetable pots.

She's also the first to notice a new bloom or have an arrangement cut for a vase. I think she was really drinking in the experience. She almost yearns for the out-of-doors.

It was a special thing to spend time in these gardens. For the beauty and the significance of walking where one of the great artistic masters once walked.

And it was special, indeed, to be there with my Jane.


  1. Jane, you are growing up into such a wonderful, beautiful young lady!! We love your sweet personality and are so proud of your many talents and gifts. God has great things for you!
    We love and miss you.
    ~The Crows

  2. Wonderful that your girls both have strong interests already. I envy you the trip to Giverny!

  3. Lovely!! I love the family photo with your mama!!!

  4. So very neat! It looked like a lovely day. How wonderful that Jane has a green thumb. That will take her far.