19 May 2015

How to Collect Your Mail, La Cressonnière

 Attached to the main house is a series of barns. The barns are made of stone and utterly fascinating. (See the metal ring for tying up an animal? The treasures abound.) It is also where ... we collect our mail.

First the postal lady drives down our long country road and until she gets to this particular cow pasture.

Next, she pulls into the drive just where the gates open.

And then she stuffs the mail through the little letter slot on the side of the barn.

To gather the post, we open the big wooden door just to the right of Lucette, weave around some old bicycles, gardening supplies, art canvases, stone animal troughs, and past some outdoor furniture ... to arrive at a carved out spot ... where we find the mail perched on a stone shelf. Somehow it's exciting every time.

Does this surprise you like it did me? Does it sound fun or just peculiar? What are some other unusual mail-drops, I wonder?

ps- Like the family photos Part Deux? I think they turned out so fun!


  1. And does this lady see you kissing your husband when she comes along? ;-)

    I'm assuming if it's raining and you don't get there right away, it's still dry. Great family portraits!

  2. That is so neat! I love the pictures.