02 August 2011

Achieving Beverage Bliss and Carpal Tunnel

What to do with an overly abundant supply of limes? Why, limeade, of course. Boil down 1c. sugar with 3c. water and add 1c. lime juice. Easy peasey.

Except, however, if you are using itty bitty limes because it will take you for-eva' and give you a massive hand cramp. Get the big ol' Persian limes and you'll stave off early-onset arthritis. Just sayin'.)


  1. If this becomes a favorite, you might want to invest in a juicer. They make one that has handles on it like a garlic press and you stick the cut lemon or lime in it and squeeze, the juice just runs out. I have one and it works great. Just might have to try this recipe.

  2. We have an old timey, been-there-forever, historic drugstore downtown that still boasts a soda counter. On any given hot, summer day you can step in there for a freshly squeezed limeade. It is THE place to be during the hot months, and, yes, it is bliss!

  3. Limeade is my favorite! I think carpal tunnel and arthritis is totally worth it :)