11 August 2011

Old is New Again

When I was little, I played cards with Nannie. Old Maid, Animal Rummy ... oodles of fun. Especially since the illustrations were so very charming. Imagine my delight when I found a reproduction set of the exact cards Nannie and I used to play with.

Perfect for family game night when the little ones want to participate but aren't quite up to Monopoly yet. And more perfect, still, for an afternoon match between Miss Jane and me.


  1. Little Brother is really into card games right now... the exact ones that you're enjoying with your little birds.

    Wouldn't that reproduction set make a fun birthday party gift for boys and girls? Better yet, keep a few of them on hand and you've eliminated last minute shopping, which I'm sure you loathe as much as I do.

  2. Bazinga, Christian! It would be perfect. I think I may follow your suggestion up!

  3. Those are adorable and so fun since they are just like the ones you used to play with! I am really liking Christian's idea. I love to have some gifts on hand and I am terribly low at the moment.