01 August 2011

Choosing to Rejoice in the Sacred

Transitions in life often come with pain or at the very least, discomfort. But so often there is joy to be had in the mix of it all. In fact, dare I say that in Christ, there is always joy to be had ... if we are ready to receive it?

Well, I want to receive. There is no denying that difficulty and grief is part of life that God allows into our lives. This is real. This is hard. But I don't want to miss out on the blessing of joy and thanksgiving simply because I am too busy "transitioning."

Not to be all preachy today, I'm only speaking for myself and where I am at. But I choose to praise Him today. And why? Because I have heard God's word and He helps me to understand.

"... 'This is a sacred day before our Lord. Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the Lord is your strength!  ...  Hush! Don’t weep! For this is a sacred day.'  So the people went away to eat and drink at a festive meal, to share gifts of food, and to celebrate with great joy because they had heard God’s words and understood them."
Nehemiah 8:10-12


  1. Ahhh... thank you. This spoke to my heart today.

  2. Amen! Very well said. (o:

  3. I prayed for you yesterday. :)

  4. Yes, yes... so true.There is joy to be found in whatever circumstance, even the most difficult... may we never lose sight of the joy of our salvation, and the mercy and grace that flow from the Giver of our salvation.

    A hug and a squeeze for you, my friend.

  5. wow, anna...powerful verse and powerful words that you shared. praying for you and thank you for sharing.

  6. Anna, praying that you will choose to stay in this place of joy, in the midst of whatever is causing you to grieve. Thanks for sharing this testimony today.