29 August 2011

A Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of a Misspent Life

While I am still finding refreshment in my Joy of Less philosophy, I am loving this book, if not for the title alone. It's all about celebrating the beauty of home-life and not being too particular about perceived "perfection." Ahhh.

The hefty 250 plus pages are filled with photos, suggestions, ruminations and encouraging quotes such as:

"I think I am better at making a house warm, than keeping it organized."

 Because that's what's it's really about, isn't it??


  1. This sounds like a book for me! I'll be tracking it down. The pursuit of perfection (or the perception thereof) is an exhausting one.

  2. Thanks for making me feel better about myself today! Must get my hands on the book!

  3. Bonnie-
    I found my copy at the library. It's a spendy sucker!

  4. Just put it on hold! Great post.