30 October 2009

84 Charing Cross Road

Watched a wonderful movie last night called 84 Charing Cross Road. Made in the 80's and starring Anne Bancroft, Anthony Hopkins, and Judi Dench, it's a story about friendships and books and all the love and quirkiness that comes with both. While the story ends in the late 60's, it begins in the post-World War II era, to which these actual photos are from.

Aren't they lovely? The silent character in the movie is the London bookstore, Marks & Co., and made me nostalgic for the rhythm and fervor of the small bookstore. My grandparents opened a sweet little bookshop over four decades ago and my folks closed doors just a few years ago. Between the internet, Amazon, and Borders, there was just no keeping up.

But times change, and that is okay. I love being able to search for a title online, order, and have it delivered right to my front door. It's a far cry from the days when I would spend weeks searching for a singular, obscure title for a customer. The methods? A simple utilization of catalogs, microfiche films, and chatting up publishers. A lot of work for a $12 book? Yes. But oh the glee in telling Martha Goldenstein ... "I found it."

This movie makes a lot of quiet statements and delivers some delightfully sharp one-liners. Nothing fast-paced about this film, but a steady development of understanding and heart. If you are a bit of a bibliophile, like myself, toss it in your netflix queue or your library basket. And don't forget the pot of tea.


  1. Also great with apple slices stewed in butter and brown sugar. Be sure to make enough for your spouse to have seconds!

  2. I'll add this one to our queue for sure. Thanks for the lovely review.

  3. Good movie. I watched it after it popped up on my Netflix suggested titles one day. Lots of good books, post-war kindness, and longstanding friendship.