23 October 2009

Lingering Over a Meal

We have really enjoyed this past year of after-church family meals. I hope it's a tradition that "sticks." Of course, we love the meal and conversation, but what else is a key element to making Sunday dinners a smash hit? A dessert. We don't always have dessert during the weekdays, but we do on Sundays!

This past week we put our own spin on an applesauce cake. We ditched the raisins and tossed in the chopped dates we get in the bulk section at the market. The dates get all caramely and delicious and all that applesauce makes the cake spongy and moist.

Another plus? It's fast! I'll make it ahead of time then toss it into the oven to warm as soon as we get home from church. By the time we've stuffed our bellies with the main meal, it's good to go. 'Cause we all know, no matter how full you are, there is always more room for dessert!

Applesauce Spice Cake

Mix together and set aside:
2.5 c. flour
1.5 t. baking soda
1 t. salt
1 t. cinnamon
.75 t. nutmeg
.5 t. cloves
.25 t. baking powder

Beat together:
.5 c. butter
2 c. sugar

Add one at a time, beating 1 minute after each:
2 eggs

Add alternately:
2 c. applesauce
dry ingredients

Stir in:
.75 c. chopped dates

Turn into a greased 13 x 9 pan and bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes. Dust with powdered sugar.


  1. Sunday after-church family meals... I admire this about you. "Sunday dinner" -- as we call it here in the south, is something that I pretty much haven't been able to swing ever since we had kids, and I would really love to do it for our own family memories but also to better induce us to hospitality. Care to share a "how to" post of sorts on how you plan and execute a special Sunday lunch?!

    The applesauce cake looks and sounds divine. I'll bet it would be great with a dollop of fresh whipped cream. A piece right now would be perfect!

  2. Christian,

    I'll have to do that sometime soon! Thanks for the encouragement to do so.


    ps-a dollop of fresh whipped cream .... oh mercy, that is a good idea!!

  3. I love this idea also. I am always so tired by Sunday I just don't feel like I have it in me to make it special. This is motivating, though. Great pic, food ones are hard!

  4. We usually have Sunday dinner before the evening service. Not as much time to linger. I think I will need to bump it up an hour so we can have desert too :).