29 October 2009

To Run About, Just She and Me

Jane and I spent a lovely morning running errands. Sometimes an errand morning isn't altogether lovely, but today simply was. Lots of skipping, hand-holding, and giggles. We made some returns, stopped off at the grocery for our family harvest party supplies (more on that later), picked up some primer at the paint store, and rummaged the thrift store. Well, Jane mostly climbed through forests of clothing racks while sporadically popping her head out and startling poor unsuspecting shoppers ... so it was more of a one-sided rummaging.

Now it's time for lunch and perhaps a little hot chocolate. Jane informed me that if it's really rainy we need hot chocolate to warm up. Sounds good by me!

Don't forget about the Lisa Leonard giveaway! Names will be drawn tomorrow.


  1. Sounds lovely--and reminds me of being taken on MANY errands as a child. Mom still to this day visits 4 or 5 stores when she could just visit Meijer and get it all done at once. I'm looking forward to the days when I can drag Calvin around and he can get in and out of the car on his own!

  2. that sounds so nice, and I love the picture, are those clippings from the yard (with your CUTE hutch behind)?

  3. We're planning a family "fall party" this weekend. The boys have been talking about it for weeks. It'll be simple but they will be in raptures and we'll make some sweet memories. Can't wait to hear about yours.

    Find anything at the thrift store?

  4. Yes! A brand-new (with tags) Banana Republic black skinny belt, a seemingly brand new thigh-length khaki trench which I have been hoping to find some day, and a few books!

    Oddly, nothing in the dishes/housewares section, which is usually my danger zone.

    All in all, quite successful.