13 October 2009

A Rebirth

The Project is completed. Hurrah! My parents purchased this hutch in the early 70's and then passed on to me about a decade ago. A lovely little piece but my, that dark 70's brown felt dreary. However, a few coats of primer and some Antique White paint resulted in a whole new look. Not to mention help from the new hardware that I spent a small fortune on. Sigh. (But aren't they perfect?)

There are still some small imperfections (slightly wonky cabinet doors, scuffs and divots from the years, less than perfect paint job...), but I'm viewing them in favor of an "it lends charm" theory. I am debating whether or not to lightly distress the hutch. Maybe a little on the edges or leave it as is? Any thoughts?

See that little door on the side? The "rabbit door" was the genius of my father. When my folks first bought this hutch, they received a good bargain as there was a hole kicked in the side. So, why not trim it out and put a door on it?

The little door was magical as a child. There was always a recliner blocking it from view, so if you scurried behind you could open it in secret. And if you were really lucky, there would be treasure waiting. Usually, a box of butter mints.

All these year later, I have great affection for this quirky little hutch. I had such fun filling it and everything looks new and fresh against the creamy white. Isn't Grandma's soup tureen lovely up top? And while china and crystal seem to be outdated for brides these days, the women in my family all gathered up a set when they married. True, it mostly sits and looks pretty these days, but my mother assures me I'll be glad I have it in the future. I do still love it.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied. There is only one thing that I will have to remedy quickly ... a trip to the store to purchase some butter mints!


  1. Fabulous! I would not distress it. Leave it just how it is and eventually it will get some more character marks. I think it's perfect. Wish I had it!

  2. That looks SO GOOD!!!!! I can't believe it!!!

    I'm all for the distressing, but in moderation and only where it would naturally occur. But I love a bit of the worn cozy look.

    I can't wait to see it in real life!! It looks AMAZING!

  3. It's beautiful! I adore the little side door and the sweet memories that you have connected to it.

    Distressing... I don't know. I guess I'm more inclined to say leave it "as is."

  4. It is just lovely Anna! I love to see your dishes through the glass and the hardware is perfect.

    (And I think it is wonderful as it is, without distressing.)

  5. I just love it...and the hardware is perfect and to my mind, totally worth the expense. After all, you didn't purchase anything else except the paint. I love the dishes and crystal...but, I am from the generation that uses it all the time, it gives such pleasure. Distressing...I distress everything, but I agree with Erin, it will get character as it ages. Your work is beautiful... gini

  6. It looks GREAT!!! I love the butter mints idea and the fun of that side door. So cool!

  7. Hi Anna! So beautiful!! What a blessing that these treasures find their way into our hearts and homes...such a pretty blog you have here!

  8. Looks just stunning ~ great job. x

  9. It's done!! Wow, nice job!! It looks gorgeous!! I love the door on the side! Nice work.

  10. Now you have inspired me! My piece does not have the wonderful story to go with it though. Just beautiful. I will try and get more painting done after this much welcome rain spell.