22 October 2009

Just an Illusion

I actually don't consider myself very crafty. I'm very good at thievery. I like to snatch bits of genius from other people and smoosh them together to claim as my own. I recommend it. Much easier than actually being brilliant.

I'm also not big on crafting because if often involves lots of bits and pieces, lack of a pattern, glue and special scissors. I shrink from the stall of panic I feel when looking at all of it and, I admit, I don't like cleaning up after it. I think that's why blogging is so perfect for me. It's my own ultra-tidy scrapbook and my writing is never crooked.

So when the girlies came in with handfuls of fall and wanted to craft, I really had to work at keeping a smile. We tried pressing them between waxed paper and ironing. Nothin'. I'm not sure what I was thinking would happen, but nothing satisfactory, that's for sure. I knew I had to act quickly because I could see the cloud of disillusionment drifting over my girls. "Perhaps she can't really do everything..." is what I was sure they were beginning to think.

I don't have very many years of keeping this facade intact so desperation led me to the much-avoided craft drawer. And there ... inspiration. Clear contact paper. "Mama! They look like jeweled leaves in glass!"

It was a close call, but I pulled it off. Lucette's going to pass me up soon (notice the beveled corners and autumnal additions to her piece?) and then the gig will be up. But for now, I'm just going to enjoy this season.


  1. You crack me up! I'm pretty sure my crafting philosophy lines up exactly with yours.

    Gorgeous leaves!

  2. I am laughing after reading this. Well done!

    PS Made chicken stock per your recipe...followed up by a HUGE pot of potato soup, using said stock...the results...delicious. I'm a believer! Thanks for sharing!

  3. oh, who cares where the inspiration comes from! those are gorgeous!