02 March 2010

A Feather Found

I think every child loves to find a feather. There is always the brief flash of wonder ... how did this feather get here? How long was it waiting for me?

And then the fingers get busy. Feeling the smooth length of it. Separating the segments and magically zipping them back up again. A feathery tickle for a cheek.

I've never seen a feather fall from a bird. Only discovered tucked, wedged, or just resting upon the space I'm about to pass. And I still like to wonder about the journey it's taken on the way to be found. Yes. It's good to be found.


  1. I love the middle image, Anna. It looks like corduroy or a close-up of fine twill and the pop of green adds interest.

    It's nice how much joy can be found in something as simple as a feather!

  2. Lovely simplicity. You should title the last photo "soft" -- it's beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous! :) Reminders of many fun feathered moments of past...

  4. What a cute post....

  5. neat post. who was the feather finder?