30 March 2010

Now, Isn't That a Nice Sight

My spring cleaning fervor hit a wall a couple weeks ago and the cupboards and drawers seem to have noticed. They apparently had a covert meeting and all agreed to become horribly cluttered and disastrous now that my attention had waned.

How it seems to happen overnight, I have no idea. I think the catalyst was in the grande trip to Costco that yielded boxes and bags of goods that no common shelf is really prepared to deal with. I've got soup and granola bars spilling out in happy abandon.

The food cupboards are still in atrocious form, but I did manage to do one productive thing today: the plastic container drawer. Gone are the containers and lids with no mates and proud sit the sets like little soldiers ready for leftover duty.

I'm hoping the sight of this cupboard (because you know I walk by and look in just be proud of myself) will spur on some other organizational efforts. Goodness knows, something must be done. I'd hate to find a loved family member buried under cereal or oatmeal when they least expect it.


  1. Tupperware is the worst of offenders, isn't it?

  2. Funny!

    Every time I organize something I always walk by and admire it too! Think how organized your brain will feel after you conquer the rest of the cupboards! You can do this.