28 March 2010

A Quick Camp Together

Back from our little mountain camping excursion. Laundry is almost done, van cleaned out and the bins waiting to be reorganized ... we're getting there. So much involved in such a small trip, but the delight of the children make it so worth while.

While it rained most of the time, our first day there was perfection. Plenty of sun for hiking, campfires, and the beloved marshmallow roasting.

Jane would like to welcome all to her yurt. It's like a little circus tent in the woods!

Both of the girls shared the upper bunk. This, in distinct disobedience to the orange sign requiring individuals to be at least 7 years old to mount this upper bedding region. Shameful of us, I know.

Peter and Pops set to sharpening the hatchet. Wood doesn't chop itself, you know! Good thing we had a couple of men to take care of it for us.

Jane cuddles carefully with her Pops ... those whiskers are scratchy!

I asked Lucette if she liked camping, to which she replied: "Of course! What's not to like??"

We took a lovely hike along Salmon River. Beautiful setting, good rock skipping, and only one child managed to fall in.

Trips such as these aren't magnificent in their presentation but offer the treasure of being together without the busyness of everyday life.

Taking a rest on a tree stump, Jane and Pops sit and wonder about bears together. "Daddy, if you have to fight him, I want to pet his mane first. But then, I hope you win."

Jane and I watch out for "tree snakes" (exposed roots that are prone to tripping distracted hikers!) and enjoy each other's company.

We certainly didn't pack light, but Pops is a master at stuffing the van. Pops is a master at lots of things. We like to take him wherever we go.


  1. what GREAT pictures! I'm glad it was fun!! :)

  2. I have to comment again... "tree snakes"! Those little sneaky things were my nightmare as a child, because I always tripped on them, and in my family, the first one to trip on a "tree snake", and be noticed, had to clean up after dinner... needless to say, I learned to walk on wooded trails with very cautious and exaggerated steps.... I looked funny walking through the woods, but I didn't have to do the dishes!!

  3. Beautiful! I think camping is one of those things that truly embeds in a child's memory... can't wait to take mine out in to the woods this summer.

  4. Oh fun, fun, fun! What a perfect way to make some spring break memories.

    Lucette is suddenly looking much older, and I had to chuckle at the sight of the back of your van. You guys pack the way we do!

  5. What a wonderful, delightful, time!!! Love the shot of the full van!

  6. What a great way to camp! I have always wanted to stay in a yurt. I love your photos.