16 March 2010

She's Just Resting

I had heard muffled sounds of music and various thump, thumping. Not unusual for rest time to include some vigorous dancing. But then. The thumping stopped while the music continued. I set upstairs, following the the unmistakable sounds of the ever jovial "Wiggles," and discovered this scene.

Jane, stripped of appropriate cold-weather clothing, now wearing last-year's-but-definitely-way-too-small-for this-year swimming suit, shorts, and pink cardigan. And when you are all wiggled out, why not relax on a giraffe blanket and examine forgotten toys?


  1. She's so cute! That's a familiar scene in our house. I love those quiet moments of contemplative play. (And we have that suit, too.)

  2. Yes, why not?! What is it with little girls and old bathing suits?

  3. she is so cute. I wish I had one just like her!

  4. oh, i wish i could tell you how many times a week ellerie wants to put on her bathing suit and dance.... even when it's 20 degrees outside. at least yours had the sense to add some shorts and a cardigan... although maybe that was part of the costume for an important reason. :-) so cute.