22 March 2010

Berries and Sweet Girls

Oh, spring is here! The flowers, the birds, the sunshine ... the return of fruit!

We were at the market today shopping for our upcoming camping trip and these red lovelies just insisted they come home with us. We acquiesced without much of a fight.

After putting the groceries away, the girls delighted in a heaping dish of strawberries and cream. Such an easy way to become the best mother in the world.

And then, off they go to prance about outside. Must check on the trillium plants we relocated from the woods to the backyard and give a little love to Clarence, the latest gardener snake who is currently living in a very plushly appointed 5 gallon bucket.


  1. I'll never forget the first time I tasted fresh berries with cream... it is truly a concoction that is a little girl's delight!

    And the snake... a boy's delight.

  2. Clarence is in a bucket? I'd say that wins you mother of the year!!

  3. Every time I have a strawberry I think of my dad's mother. She picked my first out of her own was perfectly sweet and so natural to me. I'm sure your girls will think of you when they grow up and have them :)

  4. a plushly appointed 5 gallon bucket- my kids would be envious, since their snakes seem to always end up with ripped, too-small tupperware.

    FUN post!