06 March 2010

To Love and Be Loved in Return

When I was in high school, my father gave me a locket. It was pretty, it had an engraved forget-me-not (my favorite flower), and it was even real gold. All the elements to make a young girl feel adored by her daddy.

But what was really meaningful about this locket were the pictures he placed inside.

A father and his little girl.

How grateful I am to have grown up with the tender love of a father. It taught me to expect nothing less from the men in my life and that, in turn, led me to a husband who loves his little girls with the same tender devotion. I am blessed.


  1. You are blessed, indeed. How wonderful.

  2. Seems like yesterday, Sweetie. A wonderful reflection of a sweet life. ---Love Dad

  3. Such a sweet and touching post :)

  4. You are beyond blessed!! I am so thankful you have a dad that continues to show you the path, even though you are an adult and have an incredible husband, little girls still need their dads!! Cherish it and be so thankful you have a dad that adores you and much as you adore him!

  5. What beautiful reflections. One of my greatest delights in life is the steadfast love of my father, another great delight has been seeing my husband become a father... and soon I will watch him become the father of a daughter, another blessed delight I anticipate with great joy.

  6. what a sweet locket and how special to have a father that cared enough to give it to you.