12 March 2010

Grand Possibility

When your children are young, their future holds such mysterious possibilities. Learning about their interests, encouraging new experiences, watching unique pieces of self being revealed.

Peter has long been fascinated with ancient cultures, geography, and archeology. A persistent curiosity that doesn't seem to wane. The other day, while washing dishes, I turned to Pops and remarked, "You know, I just can't wait to meet the man he becomes, given another 20 years. I want to learn all about his life."

Ultimately, all I really hope for in the lives of my children is hearts that are devoted to Him and have a desire to serve others. The profession that gets them through the day? Not a big deal. That said, this is their time of life to dream and wonder, and like any hopelessly devoted mother, I'm just sure the future holds grand possibility.


  1. And the wondering of who they will become in the coming years keeps us pressing onward with our loving, our nurturing, our disciplining, and our dreaming... even on the hard days. Each little heart, each little personality is a peculiar and purposeful part of the kingdom of God.

    Beautifully written, Anna.

  2. Anna, such precious words and such wise insight.

  3. I love your wording- hopelessly devoted Mother. Isn't that the truth for all of us?! Great, GREAT post. A fav.

  4. I love the observing of where they gravitate all the time they are becoming. In the devoted mothering, there's such wisdom in seeking wisdom.
    Lovely Anna.