07 April 2011

The Bad Hairdo Blog

Well now, I've really been parading around with my dress tucked up into my pantyhose, haven't I? Apparently, ya'all had been wondering what was up with my ego-centric double header business, but were just too polite to ask what the deal was.

I had been kind of surprised that no one mentioned the new layout, but now I understand why. I had been having a lively conversation with you all for weeks now sporting a really bad hairdo and you just weren't sure ... "did she mean for it to look like that?" Sometimes it's just better to not say anything at all.

And on top of the goofy header business and missing photos from back-posts, apparently the post font has turned minuscule. When I noticed the issue on Pop's computer, the font was so tiny it reminded me of those insomniacs you hear of that spend their nights painting Van Gogh's irises on the head of a pin or inscribing the book of Deuteronomy on a grain of rice. Too. Darn. Small.

Anyhow, girls. Apparently my blog is broken in several places and I'm just hoping it's easier to fix than the flower pot we accidentally smashed the other day. Although Jane suggested that Pops could build a robot to fix it. I'll have him work on the specs for that after I beg him to fix my blog.

Ta-ta for now, girls. I gotta' go check if there is any spinach in my teeth ...

**PS - Don't forget about the giveaway tomorrow!