13 April 2011

Luxury at the Grocery

We have a fancy grocery by our house that has it's own cheese man. He looks a bit as if he might be a codgery, salty ol' seaman. He's a no-nonsense Brit, and a smidge prickly when you first start talking to him. But once you ask him about which slice of fromage has been ringing his bell ... well, he's all hearts and sunshine.

After he's ascertained that you are, indeed, fine with goat, sheep, or cow, he'll pull you over to a little nook in the massive display and tell you in no uncertain terms, "Luv, this be the one for you today. Pair it with these rosemary date crackers and a nice glass of Merlot and you've yourself a winna'."

It's very convincing. I think the British accent helps.

Last week I stopped in to pick up a favored treat for Pops and I swung by the cheese display. They had a sample out and I couldn't help myself. I took a bite and think I might have cried a little. Well, not really, but I could have. It was a creamy texture that I've never experienced before and it melted on the tongue like butter. It. Was. A-mazing.

At that very moment of ambrosial bliss, he passed by. I physically assaulted him and once he was in my clutches I begged him to give me some of this cheese for my very own. He did.

That night, I fed the kids mac & cheese out of the box and Pops and I had a feast. Luxury. Sheer luxury.

**On the hunt for yourself? Here's the name on the label: "Cremeux De Bourgogne Delin."