11 April 2011

Get a Grip, Girl!

Hi, Ladies! Hope your weekend went well. We had some snippets of sun this weekend and though it was still chilly, we all scurried about outside trying to soak up some vitamin D. I did a bunch of pruning and general yard clean up and even did some planting in my outdoor pots. (Pictures to come.)

I also had a very close call. A brush with direct Lenten failure. If you'll recall, I have given myself a spending challenge over Lent. Specifically, spend less. Now, I'm still buying groceries and socks and toothpaste and all that jazz. But I'm trying to not "go shopping." Loose parameters, but I know what my trigger points are and where to be wary.

So, back to my confession. There was a skirt I've had my eye on. Love, love, loved it. Perfect for summer (I don't really like shorts) and so versatile. I hadn't purchased it, but it was on my mental list of "stuff that could be worth purchasing later." It just so happens that I checked it online (probably not a good idea) and ... discovered they have almost completely run out of stock. Not only that, it just so happens that the store had sent me a big ol' coupon that was about to expire. And ... it just so happens that the store at the mall had one left ... in my size.

I went, I tried on, I loved even more. I walked around the store for 10 minutes holding the garment trying to convince myself that it wouldn't be cheating to buy it. After all, the coupon is going to expire! They are almost sold out! I won't even wear it until after Easter!!!! But I got a grip and was reminded that this was exactly why I was fasting from shopping in the first place. It's. Just. A. Skirt. So, I put it back (in the very dark recesses of the rack) and left the store.

Hurrah! It's so pathetic that I am this proud of myself. The whole deal is rather embarrassing, but it's good, no? I'm making progress. I'm learning. I'm growing up just a bit more.

***PS - working on the A to your Q's! Coming soon ...