20 April 2011

Makin' in Work

I wore a skirt (bare legs) and sandals today. We had a high of 56 degrees.

Yes, I was cold. But the sun was out! I simply had to do it. My glow-in-the-dark legs are all claustrophobic from being cooped up since last September. While spring may technically be here and the flowers are, indeed, blooming ... it's still cold. So, we're still eatin' soup.

After making a roast chicken on Sunday, I was left with a very nice container of leftover veggie gravy. Need an easy soup? Combine chicken stock, veggie gravy, water, s & p, thyme, leftover shredded chicken, 2 cans of white cannellini beans, and zucchini slices. Stir and simmer. Top with some sliced almonds, if you have them. It really is a very good soup.

Once you've had your fill and done the dishes, you can go slather on some Jergens tan in a can so you'll be ready to strut those gams once the temps go really crazy and hit, like 60 or somethin'.

In the infamous words of Tim Gunn: Make it work, people. Make it work.