06 April 2011

To Tidy and Arrange

For me, the spring-cleaning bug bites at random intervals. But when it does, I'm always pleased. As much as I like to arrange and collect, I think I like to purge even more. Feels so good to tidy and end up with less stuff than I had before. 

 This weekend I attacked the linen closet, keeping only the table linens, towels, and blankets that I really loved or, at the very least, get a lot of use. I was rather shocked with how much I managed to stuff into giveaway bags once I provoked my ruthless nature from it's slumber.

Now what I have left brings me pleasure and, as Rudy Huxtable would say with the tilt of her head and a nod, my linen closet is "lookin' goooooood."

Amongst the keepers, I unearthed a table runner I bought in Italy when I was a college student still dreaming of the days when I would get to keep and apoint my own household.  I remember purchasing it from a tiny little shop in Venice from an old lady who appeared rather nonplussed with the young American girl who took forever to mentally convert Lira into dollars before deciding on her purchase. I'm glad she was patient ...

... and I'm glad I have a home to tidy and arrange.