12 April 2011

In Which I Answer Your Questions, Pt. I

In response to some really intriguing questions you all sent my way, I've been working on composing some answers for you all. It's been a lot of fun to ponder over these musings and I am now wondering what all of you would answer. If you are up for it, answer a version of these questions on your own blog and let me know! I'm of a curious nature ...

 So without further ado, some A's to your Q's:

What have you "majored" on that you wish you'd "minored" on?
This is such a good question. I fear, however, I may need another decade or two to really reflect back and give an accurate answer. I suspect there are myriad things I am currently majoring or minoring on in an imbalanced fashion.

I'll will say that I always need to major more on prayer. Whether it is for my kids, my marriage, myself, or for all that God intends to walk me through ... I need to pray. I remember once asking a seasoned mother for advice on potty training when Peter was little. I was feeling exasperated and clueless and really wanted some perspective and help. I thought she might have some tricks to share, but the first thing she asked me was, "Have you prayed about it?" Pray about potty training? Well no, I hadn't. Turns out I was really struggling with frustration and had no idea how to shepherd a child who was intrigued by his new-found toddler power. This was more than potty training. This was a hurdle in parenting and an issue that found roots in the hearts of both my son and myself. It was totally prayer-worthy.

While I'm still plenty immature in this area, I've come to a fuller understanding of how vital prayer is. Vital in parenting, vital in marriage, vital to spiritual growth.  While prayer may seem 'minor' it's a big 'major' in my book.

How are the bunnies doing?
The bunnies are well! We've now survived almost a year and all the various elements the seasons bring, and it seems as though they are quite happy with their coop. They love to dig burrows like nobody's business. In my mind, they may well have created an underground network that could rival that of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. (Have you read this? Great book.) We had babies last fall but have not had any more since. We are all expectant for more, though!

And on a sad note, while Nibbles and Harvey are quite content in their relationship, Butter was not long for this world. He passed away last year and we were all very sad. Jane is quite sure there are bunnies in heaven.

**Addendum -- Just as I was preparing to hit 'publish' on this post, I heard Jane shouting in alarm from the back yard. Harvey was on the loose. Apparently, the gate was left open after a neighbor popped in for a viewing. Jane and I raced about the backyard armed with a blanket, a bamboo stick, and racing adrenaline levels. Praise the heavens above, all is well. Although, my heart is still beating as fast as a ... well, you know.

Any thoughts on thrift store shopping?
I actually get asked this a lot. First of all, if you are hoping for treasures, you have to enjoy going to thrift shops. Why? Because it is about the hunt. Many, many times I don't buy a thing when I go. It may seem like I'm always finding goodies, but I'm only posting about those purchases that make me a bit giddy. This does not happen every time.

Second, before you buy it, ask yourself: "Do I really love this?" "Can I think of at least two uses for this item?" and "Do I have a place to store or display this?" I try to answer 'yes' to all three before I take it home with me.

Third, find out the things you are most interested in and hit those areas. Don't try to examine the whole store. I always peruse the kitchen items/dishes, table linens/fabric, books, framed art, scarves, and ... the pj's/slip section. Have I told you I have a thing for vintage nightgowns and slips?

Forth, clean or launder as soon as you get home. Unpack those goodies immediately, throw anything to be laundered or washed into the corresponding machine and wipe down books, shoes, picture frames, etc. with cleaner and a rag.

Advice on Marriage?
I really can't even begin to try to answer this question. I have no advice! I need another 50 years.

I do have two things I've learned however:

#1 You know that verse that talks about not letting the sun go down on your anger? That's always stumped me, because I just can't see how staying up to 2:00 "discussing" issues (that could resolve themselves by morning or at least have more clarity) is beneficial.

But then one day I was reading the verse and it stuck out to me:

Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, for anger gives a foothold to the devil. Ephesians 4:26-27

Seems that I'm not to be concerned with the state of my husband's heart, but my own. I need to go to bed right with God. That doesn't mean that every problem or hurt needs to be addressed in the wee hours of the night.

#2 Don't fight when you are hungry. Have a sandwich and all might be well. Amen.


  1. THOROUGHLY enjoyed this! And I am so thankful for the encouragement to pray through the potty training...and ALL things! And I also appreciate your admonishment to eat a sandwich and all might be well. One of the first things The Engineer will ask me if we aren't in agreement on something and I'm getting frustrated is, "have you eaten anything lately?" :)

    I'm looking forward to part 2!

  2. Some good wisdom here my friend. I think that you are wise beyond your years! Oh, I wish that I couldget the thrill of thrifting, but alas, it is not for me. However, I love to see your finds!!

  3. So fun to get to know you better! I'm looking forward to more.