04 April 2011

Q & A and Giveaway

My main intent for this blog has been to document the days for my family, a cheater scrapbook of sorts. However, I am always so encouraged (and even a little surprised!) to find out that other people actually read this online journal and find themselves at least mildly interested in our everyday lives and my incessant ramblings.

 Over the past couple of years on this blog, I've found myself developing very real connections and friendships even though I've never sat down face-to-face with so many of you or even heard your voice over the phone. But reading about your families and finding your comments or emails in my inbox have become a source of true pleasure for me. An unexpected blessing.

So. What would we chat about over coffee? What kind of questions do you have for me? Children? Schooling? Housework? Faith? What kind of blog posts do you most enjoy? I'll often get individual emails asking about bits and bobs from my life, but I haven't really opened it up to the blog to respond en masse. Go ahead. Ask! You can email me privately or just click 'comments' below. I have a feeling that I'll learn a lot about myself in the process.
And because I'm so curious to read your thoughts or questions, if you leave a comment below by noon, Friday the 8th, I'll drop your name into a giveaway drawing. A little linen zippy pouch with a blue ticking lining and a vintage "lilac" colored zipper. Cheers!