09 July 2010

For Each Other

When I looked up to see where the rubber boot-clad 4 year old was scampering off to, this is what I saw:

He had been reading in the hammock and apparently his sister made some unsolicited observations. She brought over a pillow for his head and small table for discarded socks and some fresh ice water with a straw.

And then she looked on with approval.

Goodness. It's moments like these that help me brave the bicker storms and frustrations that come with a cluster of children. I'm reminded of what a gift they are not only to me ... but to each other as well.


  1. Awwwww.... makes me tear up a little. So sweet.

  2. Sweet, sweet girl! She's setting a high standard for his future wife!

  3. Absolutely lovely.

    I agree, moments like that make the fussing and "pulling out my hair" moments so worth it.