29 July 2010

Fruited Sugar Pots

The girls discovered that we had some blueberries ready in the backyard. Not an abundant supply, but definitely enough to make something tasty with.

Lucette wanted to make a dessert without a recipe ... "And don't even check on the computer for one, Mom!" While I tend to love directions, I was pretty confident we could handle this culinary expedition on our own.

So, out came the ramekins, the sugar, the brown sugar, the flour, butter, oats, and a dash of nutmeg. The girls both help with the mixing, cutting in, and readying for the oven.

25 minutes later we had bubbling berry goodness. The girls dubbed the delectable dish as "Fruity Sugar Pots." Works for me.

It was agreed that the berry pots should be saved for an after dinner treat. Jane, however, couldn't stop smelling them and wishing, wishing she could take a taste. "Mama, just looking at them is so tilting." Tempting or tilting, I was right there with her. They did look very good.

Two little girls, berries, butter, and a whole lot of sugar? The combo is bound to be scrumptious. And it was.


  1. Baked berry pots produce the loveliest color! I wish I were at your house tonight.