28 July 2010

Summer in the City, Pt. 3

To conclude our day of extravagant fun, we headed over to the city's Art Museum for the free family day that was being offered. Much to our delight, they also had a bluegrass band and a dancing square right out front!

It didn't take long until our toes started tappin' and then the dance moves broke out. And by dance moves, I mean stompin' and clappin', laughin' and twirlin'. That's our kind of dancing.

Miss Jane is often quiet and reserved in public, but the girl has some boogie stored up inside of her that just has to bust out when the music is groovin'. She's a regular ol' dance machine that just won't quit.

Lucette is perhaps a bit more self-aware and reserved when it comes to gettin' jiggy with it. However, as soon as she realized she had a dress on that could twirl and billow, she would wind herself up and turn into a pretty pink top that kept on spinning.

The menfolk preferred to appreciate the music and the prancing from the sidelines. However, what is a Papa to do when his little girls want him to dance with them? Well, naturally, he gets right out there and dances like it's his favorite thing in the world. Which at that moment, might be exactly so.

We enjoyed ourselves so thoroughly, we only had a few minutes to buzz through the museum itself. No worries there ... just another activity awaiting us for the future.

We packed back into the van and left the city and all it's twinkling lights, taking with us the sweet day of memories made. Pops and I agreed ... time away with just the two of us is always a treat, but time away with the family can become, so easily, a treasure.


  1. Great pics and commentary in this series.

  2. You both are such great parents!!! I love that your great hubby danced with his girls!! The dancing photo delights my heart!!!

  3. What a fun, fun day of living life to the fullest!

  4. How fun! where did your eldest lady happen to get those sandals? I love them!

  5. Wow! Looks like an amazing family fun time. It is great to see you all dancing with joy - great pics!

  6. That looks like so much fun!

  7. I love the pearls and colorful necklaces that adorned your daughters' necks! You have the best kind of feminine right there before your eyes...wonderfully and fearfully made.