07 July 2010

A Craft-y Story

A few months ago, I made mention of our busy little nook. The corner of the house that is a constant hub of activity and where I get a lot of work (and play) done.

After our recent project of busting holes in the wall to turn our desk drawer into a charging station, I was motivated to spruce up the slice of wall behind the computer monitor and above the desk space. The ill-fitting bulletin board was practical in function but not in form. I sensed it was time to gird myself and briefly venture into the world of ... crafting.

After a trip to the craft store (ugh ... why does this place make me nervous?) and a little bit of finagling, I came up with 1 foot square linen covered bulletin boards that stretch the length of wall above the desk and behind the monitor. Guess what? I love it. So much more streamlined and attractive yet still practical.

To make? Purchase 1 foot x 1 foot square cork tiles and attach w/ double sided tape to foam board cut to the same size. (The foam board makes the cork much more sturdy). With fabric cut to 14 inches square, wrap around cork and foam board (like you would upholster a cushion) and staple in place with a regular ol' stapler that has been opened up flat. That's it!

All I needed to secure the panels to the wall were those double-sided sticky foam squares. Five of the tiles stretched the length perfectly and I even have supplies for a few more. Perhaps the girlies will be the next benefactors?

As I don't consider myself overly craft-y (versus "crafty" as in wily, which I may or may not be), I was rather proud of the outcome of this recent effort. Perhaps because it didn't require glue. Or stickers. Or brushing on goo that has a scary name like "ModPodge."

Anyhow. There you have it. Anna braved the craft store, took a stab at a project, spent less than $10 on the whole deal, and is even pleased with the results. My pride know no bounds and that is exactly why I am bragging about it in a most shameful and self-congratulatory way.

The end.


  1. looks great! Thanks for meeting up this morning, I needed it. hope things are well. xoxo.

  2. Perfect. I love how understated and simple these bulletin boards are. You may have a craft-y future ahead of you yet! Brag on, sister.

  3. I'm all a-gush (is that a word?) over your accomplishment! I am proud of you. You pulled off elegance and efficiency with one fell craft store swoop!

  4. I love it!
    And you crack me up, you craft-y lady.

  5. hey, that is brilliant! Looks very do-able and totally practical. It's always nice to slay our personal dragons, isn't it?

  6. Clean...simple...beautiful! Very well done.