08 July 2010

My Official Drink of Summer

I love tea. Always have, always will. What I particularly love is black tea, no sweetener, please. In the winter I like it steamy hot, but the summer? Iced is a must.

So for summertime beverage bliss, I keep brewed black tea (strong!) in the fridge along with lemon slices. To assemble my ideal glass, I add the concentrated tea, water to dilute, ice, lemon, and a sprig of mint from the garden.

Ahhh. Now where is that hammock and my magazine?


  1. During summertime the iced tea flows and flows and flows in the Deep South. In my freshman year of college I actually kind of chuckled when friends from other regions of the country ordered "sweet tea" to drink. Guess they hadn't learned (yet!) that all tea is sweet tea in these parts!

    So, I'm with you on the lemon and mint, but, girl, I gotta have some sugar too! Cheers.

  2. That looks so refreshing! I've been off and on with hot tea for a long time. I love Earl Grey before bed with a tiny touch of honey. In this last year I've switched to morning more and more.
    So,you've inspired me! I'm going to buy a mint plant for the backyard today! Just for tea. I have a pitcher in the fridgie now, but I love the concentrate idea all the more.

  3. Ice tea is my go-to drink in the summer too, can't get enough, so refreshing!! your pictures look beautiful too, have a great weekend!! and thanks for your extra sweet comment!

  4. Ah, a girl after my own heart! I've been downing this stuff like crazy lately.

  5. this is the perfect drink :) I have a craving now.