27 July 2010

Summer in the City, Pt. 2

After all of our four-wheeled excitement, we'd worked up an appetite. In our family, there is nothing better to revive oneself than a tasty, tasty meal. Up to northwest we headed to eat a breezy alfresco meal together.

After salivating over the menu and hastily ordering, we settled back to enjoy the city sites while waiting for our eats to arrive. Jane, still fully accessorized, contented herself with menu coloring.

And Peter, in his quiet way, sat and relived every juicy, harrowing bit of our magnificent surrey expedition.

I did too. I have a feeling, however, he and I might recall the experience through slightly varied lenses. I was most horrified at how much he thoroughly loved being stuck on a sky-high bridge that hovered over, I'm certain, most troubled waters. I shudder at the recollection ...

... but I digress. And regardless of my own conniptions, all can be salved by a monstrous Pastrami Reuben from the locally famous, Kenny and Zukes. It's a must eat if you're ever in the northwest -- they serve up sheer sandwich bliss.

Once the bellies were full and our stamina refueled, it was time to press forward. The day certainly isn't over yet ...


  1. Oh how this makes me miss the PNW!

  2. I could eat that sandwich right NOW, at 9:30 p.m.

    I love that photo of Dad kissing his girl's head. Sweet.