19 July 2010

Life Opens Wide

First off, can we all just agree that this is about the most incredible wedding get-away vehicle ever? And the best part ... they didn't even know it was coming. Yes, they did have a friend offer for them to use their golf cart, which seemed perfect for their beach front wedding and golf-course reception. However, they had no idea it was going to be decorated to the hilt.

These are the kinds of people Peter and Allie gather around them. People that develop this deep care for them and they all seem to be looking for ways to show them how loved the two of them really are. The weekend was full of such examples.

I knew the wedding would be special. I just didn't anticipate how much it would impact me. It seems my brother grew up without me fully realizing it. I was just proud as punch to be his sister.

The entire wedding weekend was the most relaxed and purposeful event I've ever been to. No rushing about, no lists or intricate plans. Just the expectation for everything to be meaningful, and for the people present to be appreciated and honored.

And of course, it was all gorgeous. The flowers were as bright and striking as the bride herself and giant smiles decorated the faces of everyone there. It was a happy, happy day.

We are so very overjoyed for them both and blessed to be called theirs. It feels like life has just opened it's doors a little wider for each of us. God is good.


  1. Such beautiful photos! Did you do the photography for their wedding?

  2. Beautiful captured moments! I love the bright splash of the bride's flowers, very summery and fresh.

    I'm so happy it was a wonderful, lovely weekend of celebrating life, love, and the goodness of God.

  3. Kelly-

    Why thank you for the compliment, but no, I was not the photographer. This was a good thing, as I was easily distracted the whole weekend! But it was my joy to snap a few pics along the way.

  4. How absolutely wonderful. I am so happy for your family! Beautiful pictures!