13 August 2010

Afternoon Snack on the Grass

Yesterday, the masses were feeling snacky. Fortunately, I had a bag of these funky pretzel grids that seemed like they were begging for a summer coat made out of chocolate.

Dump some chocolate chips and a little water into a glass bowl and shove into microwave. Heat, stir. Heat, stir. You know the drill ...

Place on tray and take out to the grass. This is a messy snack, one that your floors and counters may not appreciate.

Beyond that, not much instruction is needed. Remarkable how the short people know just what to do when given a tub of melted chocolate and handfuls of pretzels.

Eat them straight away, or allow to cool on waxed paper 'til you just can't stand it any longer and have to eat them anyways. In our case ... about 4 minutes.

Once finished? Turn the hose on them. Clean-up's a snap!


  1. yum! what a great afternoon snack and activity.

  2. YUMMY! I haven't been able to post much but I have been reading your beautiful blog nearly daily. Thank you for your posts!

  3. Yes, I'm terribly behind on your blog! How I love the aesthetic of this snack, not to mention the perfect combo of sweet and salty!

  4. This is so brillant and delicious looking, must try.