20 August 2010

A Life of Sharpening

Mmmhmmm. Yes, that is a giant machete my son is sharpening. I think his nine year-old mind is constantly dreaming up ways to handle dangerous objects.

When my menfolk went to "Man Camp" (the weekend that left me utterly and blissfully alone), they had some serious bonding time. Lots of activities that involved fire, extreme heights (of which they took a video that I can't figure out how to upload ... here's to hoping I prevail ...), unsecured road travel in backs of pick-up trucks, plenty of sharp objects, and nary a mom in sight. They even brought back matching t-shirts that declared themselves to be: "Sons of Thunder." Man Camp = Man Heaven.

Even though my mom-ness requires me to be a ninny about many pursuits that appeal to my menfolk, I am so, so thankful they have each other. Yes, they have a blast. But life-training seems to happen so naturally when they are alone together. Not planned out over tea, as us moms like to finagle. Just spontaneous, quick, and often profound.

Pops told me of a conversation they had while both balancing on high-wires 50 feet off the ground:

"Dad. Are you scared?"

"Well, I trust in the safety gear we strapped on. But yes, at first I was scared. Once you know you are protected though, you focus, push your fear down, and move forward."

"Okay, Dad."

And they did. Together.

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17


  1. What a perfect post..."iron sharpens iron." My husband reminds me often that the kids need a dad that does things a dad's way...usually when my heart is in my throat and I'm ready to blurt out something silly borne of my maternal fear. I love Pop's words to his son. We have pictures of a proud boy with an axe and a full stack of wood...miss those days. great photo... gini

  2. How precious and perfectly wonderful. I hope for many such "Sons of Thunder" weekends for my guys! And many "iron sharpening iron" moments between the two.

  3. very cool- sounds like they had a really special time together.

  4. I need to send the rest of my family to man camp. Undoubtedly, memorable and invaluable moments for cubs and their dads!

  5. I do believe that I am often right there with you... trying to ninny over tea when in truth I should let go. Sons of Thunder seem to relate best when they're doing thunderous things! We must pray for these men of ours, especially the grown ones as they guide (and sharpen) the younger ones into men.

    And Anna, your writing lately has been beautiful.

  6. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!