05 August 2010

Friends and Blueberry Jam

Do you have a special friend that you only get to see every-so-often, but when you do ... you feel like you've just indulged in a most delicious treat? That is how I feel about my friend, Gini.

Her home is gorgeous from tip to toe, yet without being pretentious in any way. And of course, situated in the country with many acres to roam, a tractor to cut grass, and the most extravagant sand pit one can imagine ... it's utter kid heaven. On top of everything, she is the most magnificent hostess. With a grace and an eye for detail that makes guests feel like a most treasured individual, you want to move in and stay forever.

This visit, she honored me with a visit to our house. The children cavorted and we chatted. We sat on the patio with an iced tea, laughed about life's sillies and nibbled on some of Peter's speciality. And, as always, she encouraged my heart. A little further on in life experience, she has a perspective and a depth of faith that blesses me.

Thank you, Gini. You are a light to my days ... and your blueberry jam was scrump-dilly-umptious!

(ps - Gini is thinking about starting a blog! Don't you girls think she should??)


  1. Anna,
    I loved catching up! Your trip on the surrey had me rolling with laughter. I've never seen such a thing! And your train trip - how fun!

  2. yes i think she should! i want to see pictures of her house!!!
    joanna in ca. (new reader)

  3. Lovely photo and a lovely friend -- people who fill one's heart full of blessing are souls to treasure. I can tell that you do.

  4. Anna, your friend Gini sounds amazing. But I just had to point out that while admiring your lovely food photography, I noticed that you have the same blue and white china that my mom has had for ages -- I grew up on it! (Well, not exactly -- I grew up eating food that was on it.:-))