25 August 2010

Slowly Starting the Day

I can't quite get enough of avocado toast lately. Mashed up with some coarsely ground sea salt, plenty of lime juice, and slathered on toasted sourdough. So. Good.

This past year I endeavored to be more deliberate about breakfasts together, and it worked! I was most pleased with the effort. However, with the luxury of lazy-start summer days ... it's turned much more slap-dash. Actually, more like slap-mozy. While I've loved the slower pace ('cause I know it's ending soon!), I've missed real meals in the morning.

So lately, once the kiddos have been tossed their oatmeal or cereal, I've been making a grown-up breakfast for myself and having my quiet-time. Me and Nehemiah have been enjoying the time quite nicely.

How do you like to start your morning ... given a choice?


  1. this looks heavenly, must try

  2. Mmm. My husband ate avocado that way in Chile, and he loves it. We also eat it with chips (but not for breakfast usually).

    I'm so not a morning person, but I'm trying to be better. Usually it helps if I start something the morning before—waffle batter in the fridge, for example. Or if I set out the materials to make what I have planned so my fuzzy-muddled-morning brain can figure out what to do. :)

  3. Oh Anna, yum-yum! Avocado is awesome! I may give this a try. My children began school this week so I'm working on getting a routine in place (which I adore!). For breakfast I have been consuming whatever I make for the children. Today it was a smoothie. I am not able to spend my time with the Lord until the evenings. Hope you have a great day!

  4. your breakfast looks so pretty. And full of protein!
    For me- I like to start my morning with a shower that does not include a screaming toddler!

  5. Ooooo, I love all the lively color of your breakfast. I've never thought to put avocado on toast. I'll have to try that. I think I would enjoy sitting in your sunny breakfast nook very much.

    Many mornings I start my day with the Word and a cup of hot tea. After everyone else is fed and finished with the "slap-dash" is often when I'll finally prepare something for myself to eat and enjoy with the company of a few favorite blogs.

  6. My morning's menu of choice is always time with the Lord, a cup of coffee follows shortly. Sometime after that hour, upon rousing the children, I will have a simple breakfast of yogurt, fruit and granola, with a side of orange juice. I believe I would prefer your breakfast for lunch...sounds very good.

  7. That is my kind of breakfast!!! Simple, delicious, colofrul... and perfectly photographed, might I add. What a fabulous blog you have--I enjoy every visit!