17 August 2010

Woodland Enchantment

A day excursion to meet up with two Aunties, one baby cousin, one Grandma, and one Great-Grandma at a woodland play park? So. Much. Fun.

I remember coming here as a child and finding all of the pint-sized fun so unusually magical. Familiar nursery rhymes come to life, cubbie-holes and tiny tunnels to explore, bright colors and wooded coves at every next turn.

But of course, there are rides and slides, as well. Very exciting.

Besides tiny ferris wheels (remembering my distaste, you'll know I was thanking the heavens that the girlies were securely caged in), the "Old Lady's Shoe" had a marvelous slide, and not to forget ... the Log Ride.

Thank you, Aunt Laurel, for volunteering to keep Jane from popping out by going on this soaker with her!

Of course there was much more. Hugs and cuddles with Grandma and Gigi. Lunch at the wooded theater with Hansel and Gretel. General wild-eyed delight.

And then. We were tired. We tried to wake Jane up for dinner, but she would have none of it. So, we slid her into her bed like a warm little ball of dough that wasn't quite done baking.

Night, night.


  1. Too much fun! The professor has recently expressed a desire to take the fam to some old, kitsch-y "vintage" amusement parks. What a fun, fun memory making day to bring sweet dreams for everyone!

  2. So fun - love the photos! The last time I went to that "woodland play park" was in 1997 and I've never been on the log ride. I'm thinking a visit soon is absolutely necessary!

  3. A must on our list of to-dos.... how fun! You're so good at grabbing the moments, Anna.